Across the Night

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Terror in the Tunnel
Is the Crystal Palace being troubled by the supernatural?

The adventure begins in a gaming house called The Blue Dog, where our party is gathered for various reasons. Through the course of a relaxing evening of card playing, a rather rowdy fellow is telling the tale of how he’s seen a ghost at the Crystal Palace. The players attempt to engage him in a card game at his table to get more of the tale, but he was already at the end of his evening when they took notice of his tale. He leaves, but one of the serving girls is more forthcoming with the details of his story, since she’s heard it plenty of times before while he was in his cups.

She tells of how the gent claims that he saw a little girl wandering in the Crystal Palace during an exhibition, but that he really wasn’t very rich on detail. The players as a newly united group, decide to investigate the rumor further. They travel by their means to the Crystal Palace and search the grounds until they find an entrance that is relatively unguarded. After picking the lock, Lucian allows the others entry into the building. They subdue a guard and question him about the ghost, which gets them the information that she seems to be most common around a certain wing of the building.

Searching that part of the building does indeed net an encounter with the spirit, a little girl that seems to be around five years old is searching, she tells them, for her lost dolly. She identifies herself as Clara Westland, very proud to know her own name so well. When questioned more closely about where her dolly might be, she tells them that she thinks it is with the mean man. When asked who the mean man is she seems to panic and vanishes, leaving more questions than answers.

Lord John decides to pay a visit to the dead girl’s father, once his manservant has sussed out his location, while the rest of the group attempts to mine more information about the tram crash. All they get are bits and pieces of stories that have been passed around in the ten years since it happened. Searching some derelict transit offices yields a threatening letter, and an apparent suicide in association with the disaster.

When Lord John questions Clarence Westland about the tram wreck, the man gets very quiet, until he finally admits that he was threatened with death if he did not shut up about his dead wife and daughter and the accident which claimed their lives. He’s been suffering in the ten years since their deaths, unable to get any real closure, because he could not bury them properly.

Gabriel Gage decides to examine some of the offices in the old train station more closely, while Lucian Geist chooses to use his own methods to examine the area of the disaster itself, finding collapsed tunnel. He passes through the rubble into a sealed site, where he notes there are bones in large quantity as well as the little girl’s lost dolly. When he approaches the destroyed tram for a closer look, and to collect the plaything, he gets an overwhelming sense of cold menace, and lingers only long enough to rescue the toy before leaving the tunnel. He and Gabriel meet up topside and compare notes, before deciding to meet with Lord John to exchange information with him. The players retire for the night confident that they’ll be able to gather more information in the day.


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