Lord William Atherton

Well-built gentleman with elegant clothing and red hair.


Not much is known about Lord Atherton at this point, other than that he is nobility and he was in charge of several government offices attached to the transit system. The players found several references to him in their initial investigation into the cause for closing the Upper Level of the Crystal Palace line. Lord John was actually surprised to get a request for tea from Atherton to discuss mysterious business.

The only thing that has really been revealed is that Atherton knew about the briefcase with daily reports on a supposed member of the nobility. It wasn’t until he was further pressed that he revealed that a member of the royal family had been suspected of committing crimes against the lower class and that a spy who had been taking the notes was one of the people that died in the train accident.

Under the pressure of Lucian’s fear, Atherton admitted that he was afraid of what the revelation of crime within the ruling class would cause amongst the common folk. He promised to dole out generous stipends to the families of the victims of the tram wreck in exchange for the notes.

In another meeting, Atherton brought Lord John into a secret society called the Brotherhood of the Black Rose. Not much more is known about it at this point.

Lord William Atherton

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